Seascape Villa, Middle Caicos Island, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI Excerpts from Our Guest Book
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We enjoyed eleven days of beautiful weather, sun, clouds and always a breeze...thank you for being so made our trip very easy...we had everything we needed....the house is great...we felt very comfortable...a vacation we'll treasure... D.T. Maine

Opening your home in paradise to us has been special, memorable and happy. We came tired and longing for peace and quiet. We found the wonderful natives, the sun, the sea, nature above the water and below, true enchantment. We traveled Middle Caicos from one end to the other finding majestic vistas and wonderful, warm people...we truly appreciated the well equipped kitchen...and dinner was enhanced by the availability of a good sound system...of all the places we have visited, the consistent clear, warm days were a marvel...although neither of us needed television, an occasional hour of CNN made us comfortable and we felt connected...pure paradise is what we found...A.M. Tennessee

In the daily drama of the "real world" it's easy to forget how peaceful life can be...your home provided everything we needed as well as many unexpected luxuries...your investment in Seascape and all of your hard work has brought a lot of joy to so many people...B.B. Illinois

Great adventure! The water was great, Brodie and Rasta are new found friends-very nice people. The caves are a must, especially the water parts. The house and grounds are a perfect setting. Not much to improve upon-this is a great vacation. P.S. New Hampshire

Views, weather, caves and snorkeling were all beautiful. It's hard to imagine that a sunset could produce so many beautiful colors...S.S. New Hampshire

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