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Fisherman's Paradise

With the largest uninhabited island in the Caribbean close by (East Caicos) and this forty-eight square mile Middle Caicos island populated by less than 271 People (60 of which are children under the age of 12) , fishing here is untapped virgin territory.

Fishing The Reef
Fishing Trolling inside and just outside the reef, one is almost assured of catching at least a giant Barracuda up to 35 lbs. or more. A vastly underrated gamefish, they hit hard and fight like crazy, often clearing the water several times during the course of the fight. Along with Barracuda there are 18-25 lb. Horseye Travelle, 18-25 lb Jack Crevalle, 5-10 lb Blue Runner and Grouper up to 40 lbs. Heavy duty spinning gear is recommended when trolling the reef because of the uncertainty of what one may catch. Instructions are to "hang onto your rod tightly" as these fighting fish donÍt come easily to the boat. Bottom fishing the reef and coral heads is another way to enjoy fishing around Middle Caicos. One can catch excellent fish suitable for oneÍ dinner such as Yellow Snapper, Margaret Fish, Blue Runner, Grouper, Dog Snapper, Grey Snapper, Porgies, Spanish Grunt, Red Snapper and many others.

Some of the best bonefishing found anywhere in the Caribbean is available here in the miles and miles of flats teeming with these fighting fish. Having a guide pole a boat within casting distance of a school of muddling bonefish or wading the flats are the most exciting ways to fish for these silver bullets. One can also cast from shore right in front of the villa and catch bonefish.

Blue Water and Shark Fishing
Summer is the best time for fishing outside the reef for Sailfish and Marlin as they migrate through the area. One must be ready with heavy tackle at any time of the year and one can expect to catch King Mackerel, Dolphin Fish, Yellowfin, Bluefin, Tuna or Wahoo . Anchoring in a likely spot and chumming the water with previously caught fish, one is likely to get some great action with the variety of sharks that are found in these waters.

Snorkeling Snorkeling on Middle Caicos is superb! Crystal clear water that appears turquoise from a distance affords visibility up 100 feet or more. The reef about _ of a mile in the distance from Bambarra Beach softens the wave action so that the sea is calm and safe for children and adults. Many, many coral heads are accessible from the shore and unlimited sites are available by small boat. McKittrick's reef is a coral head less than 3/10 of a mile walk down the beach where even a non-swimmer at low tide can poke his/her head in the water and see all manner of coral, sea fans and myriad colorful fish too numerous to list. A short walk in the opposite direction, one can walk out to Pelican Cay at low tide and experience another underwater wonders. The Caribbean Spiny Lobster is prevalent and even just a moderately good snorkeler / diver is readily able to snare his/her crustacean dinner with a lobster hook by swimming from the shore in front of the villa. Better swimmers can spear gourmet fish for sport and to eat.

A great variety of shells wash up on the beach, especially after a storm. Best shelling is up at Mudjin Harbor or at Half Creek. Of course, the beautiful and colorful Queen Conch is the source of a daily native staple food, Conch (pronounced "conk") which the women of the island make into fritters, chowder, cutlets or sliced and eaten raw.

There's so much to see and explore on Middle Caicos. Tour plantations dating back to the Loyalist period. Even older sites date to the times before Columbus. Or go underground to see ancient caves; the largest in the region. Comb miles of beaches and you just might find a message in a bottle!

Just Relax!
Relaxing Why do anything? Enjoy the solitude as you can only find at Seascape Villa on remote Middle Caicos. Wake to the call of birds and the whistling of the wind in the trees. Have your lunch on the screen porch followed by a nap on the hammock or under the picturesque tiki hut. Have a romantic moonlight walk on the beach. Your time is your own here; make the most of it.